If you can call yourself a ‘Baby Boomer’, then you may well be going through many similar things that others who were born around your birth date are.

Menopause is one of them. This is not something only the female in the relationship goes through. It is a time when both partners are experiencing difficulties and change in their life and bodies.

It can be a very stressful time for the woman especially if she does not have the support of her husband, making her feel very isolated. It is important for every woman to know that she is not alone, even though she may feel like it.

It can be a very stressful time for the man too, as a lack of knowledge about the menopause can lead to misunderstanding and confusion in the relationship.

It is a time when physical changes and mental issues come to the surface and prove to us categorically that we are getting older and the more we try to resist; the harder it is.

It can be a time for trying to prove to ourselves that we are still ‘young’, by doing something quite out of character. Instead of it being a time when we should be thinking of all the things we have wanted to achieve/do/see in our lifetime and making moves to ‘go for it’. The children are all off-hand, we have enough holiday to take the time off work and money is not too tight. Why not ‘go for it’?

Counselling maybe an option for some, who are struggling with the changes that are happening, talking to a Professional Counsellor in a confidential environment about the things that you are unable to say to family members or close friends?

Sometimes it is a time to change our thoughts and look forward rather than back. A time for realizing some of those dreams that have been put on hold, time and time again.

And a time for doing what is right for you, be it health wise or any other way.

Counselling can also help with any other issues that may be making life difficult at the moment, including:

  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Separation/divorce
  • Grief and Loss – Partner, parents, pets and loss of job
  • Family issues – Eldely parents, children, grandchildren
  • Retirement issues – Lack of funds, adjusting to not working
  • Menopause – mood swings, aging and weight gain

Menopause is not an illness it is a natural occurrence in our lives and signifies ‘change’; we need to adjust to the changes that occur in our bodies and our lives by changing our thoughts, not by accepting defeat and suffering. For more information go to to download a brochure.

If you would like to talk to a Professional Counsellor, please call Clarity Counselling based on Norwest Business Park in the Hills area of NSW on 041943318 for an appointment. Or, e-mail Clarity Counselling – Helping you, help yourself.

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