5 ways to exercise when you don’t have time to exercise

I have written previously about the unfortunate fact that “After 50, exercise is no longer optional”. The excuse that most people give for not exercising is “I don’t have time”.

The purpose of this article is to try to help you find time to exercise, that doesn’t involve going to a gym.

The Government is currently running television ads telling us we need to do 30 minutes exercise  that raises our heart rate, every day.  Now those 30 minutes doesn’t have to be in the one session. It can be in 2-3 shorter bursts. So if the local gym isn’t for you, see if any of these suggestions  can fit into your daily schedule.

Play with the kids, grandkids or the dog  Running around chasing kids or dogs, playing backyard games or taking yours or someone else’s dog for a brisk walk all raise your heart rate. It’s also improving the kid’s or dog’s health.

Try extreme gardening   You can turn your gardening time into exercise by doing things fast. Pull out weeds quickly, rake leaves or grass vigorously, mow the lawn at double pace or push a heavily loaded wheelbarrow around.

Housecleaning and washing can be exercise   Vacuuming and sweeping at double pace can get you’re your heart rate up. Standing on one leg while you wash up can also help to improve balance – an important issue as we age.

Walk more   Get into the habit of parking the car some distance away from where you’re going and walk for 5 minutes to get there. Walk around the block if you don’t have time for longer walks. Get off the bus one stop before your normal stop and walk the extra difference. You can think of situations where you can fit short walks into your busy schedule. Just be aware of the need to do so.

Remember dancing   If you can move, you can move to music. Just  put a CD or DVD on your player and dance around the room. You can do it by yourself or with a partner. Singing is optional. It will raise your heart rate and improve your balance and coordination.

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