What’s retirement really like?

I recently facilitated a seminar  about preparing for retirement.

At the beginning of my talk I asked a couple of people to try and answer the question “Who are you?” The answers that both gave were similar. They were variations on their CVs – their job titles, previous positions and achievements.

I had asked this question because I wanted to make the point that if a person’s identity is closely identified with their job, what happens to their identity when they retire from full time work?

Years of experience has shown me  that loss of identity can be a real problem for many people when they retire. This “loss of identity” can lead to a “loss of purpose” and a feeling of being of no further value to society.

So what can we do about it?

The points that I made in this seminar are first, that our true identity is quite different from our work identity. Who we really are is more about things like – our attitude, our personality, how we view the world around us, our compassion and empathy, our sense of humour and our spirituality.

Secondly, if we have a more realistic expectation as to what life will be like in retirement, we are less likely to encounter major shocks.

Thirdly, retirement is about more than getting your finances organised. Doing that is important, but doing some lifestyle research and planning is just as important.

We have made the job of preparing for life in some form of retirement a lot easier.

We have published 5 books which cover the issues that most people will have to manage in this next stage of life. You can find out more and purchase the books on this web site.

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