Renegotiating Financial Arrangements

Written by Sarah Davis

For partners in the process of retirement there are potentially very tricky financial issues to manage. Money can be a very large issue between partners, representing as it does the power over key decisions and lifestyle choices.

One of the partners may retire before the other. Optimistically, both suddenly and gleefully we can enjoy what used to be the norm for our parents’ generation: where one partner shoulders the work and major income role, while the other takes on the job of organising household, family and holiday arrangements. A real benefit of one retired partner can be the relief of not having to spend all your spare time catching up on the chores!

It may not be all plain sailing, though. The partner at home may not relish swapping a socially desirable professional role to be a house-partner. The partner at work may not enjoy getting up and going out of the house in the early morning, leaving a partner in bed or having a lazy day, lunching with friends, and poring over holiday brochures. Plenty of scope for niggling arguments to creep into what others might think is an idyllic situation.

When fragile relationships try to negotiate issues in retirement, they can go under. Where problems become profound, and where relationships at this stage take a difficult turn, it could be advisable to talk to a professional counsellor.

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