Patience & Forbearance

One of the new things I finally got around to exploring during our Covid lockdown this year was Podcasts. Anything from stories to jokes to science, fashion, philosophy and music; I found a new and enjoyable way to be informed.

After 5 months now of living with Covid 19, we are all now struggling with the tedium and uncertainty of this vile pandemic. Not only are we frightened but we’re bored and our resilience is being strained. So I was pleased to listen to ‘the Minefield’ podcast on the ABC Listen App recently that dealt with the question “What if COVID19 doesn’t go away?). “The Minefield” is a weekly live to air and podcast programme on ABC’S Radio National where Scott Stephens and Waleed Aly discuss modern day dilemmas and concerns to try to tease out some answers and ideas for listeners.

In dealing with the question we all have lurking at the back of our minds as to how to cope if the Coronavirus is here to stay, Scott used two words that hark back to earlier values, “patience’ and “forbearance”. These are qualities we usually attribute to our parents and grandparents who lived through World Wars and a Depression. But now it may be these very qualities we need to manifest.

As the “elders” I believe that we could set an example of how we cope with the incessant worry and restrictions. We are hearing that our young people, especially those aged 16-25 are feeling most affected mentally  by the loss of jobs, freedom, social company and dreams. As older and more experienced people we know bad times eventually pass.

Our age and life experience has to be worth sharing. We can do this through our families and friends and even volunteering to such organisations as Lifeline and Beyond Blue. Never have all those memes that have been in vogue for the past few years with their message of “Keep Calm and Carry On” or, in Scott’s words be patient and show forbearance, been more important.

To listen to the podcast, click this link.




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