“Oldies” break free

Like kids let out of school, now that pandemic lockdown restrictions are ending, we are running out of the school yard (our front doors) to catch up with old friends and family.

So, this is just as true for those of us who are over 50 as for our young people. In our regional town we have felt very fortunate with low numbers infected by COVID and no deaths. This has made many of us a trifle incautious as we meet for drinks, coffee and at restaurants.

We decided to catch up with a group of our older friends for a picnic in the sunshine and open air. It was interesting to watch the different reactions to greeting one another and to sharing food and implements. Without thinking, one of our number came straight up and shook hands with all the men. And there was much joshing otherwise about elbow taps or other forms of greeting that help us meet appropriately and respectfully.

Then there was the matter of food and implement sharing. It’s all very tricky and can seem to take some of the spontaneity out of our lives, but we will find different ways to ensure we stay connected.

The ABC Health advice online has been our “go to” for information about the virus and what to do and on the day after our picnic, I found this useful guide. Hope these tips work for you as well

  • Take some form of hand sanitiser along with you and sharing it with your picnic companions “so that as people are picking up and putting down utensils, they’re reducing the risk that they may be picking up the virus”.
  • Bring your own food rather than picking from your friend’s bowl of chips
  • Make sure utensils are clean and if you’re particularly concerned bring your own cutlery
  • There is no current evidence that anyone has become infected by ingesting the virus in or on food or drink. But if you see someone sneeze or cough over that tasty pavlova sitting on the picnic blanket, Dr Senanayake says think twice about taking a piece.





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