Now a good news true story

An elderly friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a few years recently gave me an update on what he’s doing.
He’s in his early 80s and is still fairly active. He’s also a very keen golfer and plays 3-4 times a week, although he’s now having to handle a couple of problems unrelated to his swing.
He has Macular Degeneration and while he can hit the ball, he can’t see where it’s landed. His solution to this problem has been for his golfing mates to watch where his ball has gone and help him to find it. Over the last 12 months a new problem has arisen. His golfing partners are also in their 80s and while they can see where he has hit the ball, they often can’t remember where they saw it land.
His solution is a great example of being a very positive super adult. Instead of giving up golf, he’s actively searching for some “young” golfing partners in their 70s who still have working eyes and memories.

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