Finding Your New Home

One of the major decisions that many people in their 50s & 60s have to make is “Where do I / we want to live?” Is it in your current home or in a smaller home in the same area? Do you want to live closer to children / grandchildren or do you want to do a seachange and move to a regional coastal town? There are lots of options in both the location and the type of home that could suit your current and future requirements. If you’re thinking about a seachange or a treechange, it would be a good idea to look at the 10 points we suggest you consider before making the move.

You have a variety of home styles to choose from. Some of the most popular options are –

  • Your current home
  • Downsize to a smaller dwelling in your area
  • Build a new house or buy a house and land package
  • A house or apartment in a seachange area
  • Build a granny flat on one of your children’s houses
  • A house or unit in an over 55’s village
  • A house in a manufactured homes park or resort
  • A unit in a retirement village or resort
  • Rental unit in a rental only retirement village.


Buyers’ agents are a relatively new service which make a lot of sense if you’re thinking of buying a new home, especially if you don’t live in the town / city in which you’re buying.Traditional real estate agents and sales people for builders and apartment developers are all working for the seller and they have the responsibility of getting the maximum price that they can for the property they’re selling. They are not there to help you get a better deal.Buyers’ agents on the other hand, work for the buyer. They have a lot of local knowledge and experience and you can have this working for you. Yes, they charge a fee, but generally their knowledge and negotiating experience can save you more than their fee, by getting the property you want at a lower price. They can also save you a great deal of time and frustration.A good buyers’ agent knows what properties are available in their area and you can get access to a wide range of potential homes by working through one.We can introduce you to a buyers’ agent in most major towns and cities.


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