CSIRO – Total Wellbeing Diet

  • What initiated the creation of the diet? CSIRO received many public enquiries as well as enquiries from the medical and health professional community wanting to know about the validity of some of the popular diets. As there was little research in the area at the time, we embarked o a body of research to establish the most effective and healthy ways to lose weight.


  • What is the crux of the Total Wellbeing diet? It is essentially a nutritionally balanced diet with a higher level of lean protein to prevent hunger. Most of the protein is derived from lean meat, fish and low fat dairy foods. The diet also contains adequate fibre from wholegrains, fruit and vegetables. Energy restriction lies at the heart of the TWD without which weight loss cannot be achieved.


  • What is the recommended lenght of the diet? We don’t specify a duration, however the book does have sample menu plans for 12 weeks. The study on which the Total Wellbeing Diet is based on a 12 week study. The other studies carried out which relate to the development of the dietary pattern were 8 – 12 weeks. Weekly plans may be repeated until you reach a goal weight, and then you commence the maintenance plan.


  • How does physical activity play a part in the Total Wellbeing Diet? Physical activity is essential to any weight loss programme. The book provides extensive information on exercise.


  • Where can someone get more information if they are interested in learning more? Go to our website www.csiro.au and click on the Wellbeing Diet book.
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