Happy Retired and Single

Retirement planning isn’t just about your money – it’s about your life.             

Singles have been largely ignored by the Retirement Industry.

Most of the marketing literature and advertising we see shows attractive couples on cruise ships, beaches and at parties.

It’s as if singles didn’t exist.

We don’t think that’s good enough.

Single women particularly face many financial challenges in retirement that get very little attention.

We are trying to help and our book offers plenty of useful information and advice.

While financial planning is the central part of most peoples’ retirement planning, this focus on money means that lifestyle issues often get largely ignored. We need to remember that a successful retirement is about enjoying our lifestyle. Having enough money certainly helps, but money alone won’t make us happy.

Our singles book looks at the major lifestyle and financial issues that most single people have to manage when they leave full-time work. Retirement can be a great time of life and we’re trying to help you make the most of it.