How to be Happy, Retired and Single

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A retirement planning book for Singles who are approaching retirement, or already in the early years. It will provide you with a valuable guide through lots of issues that most financial advisers don’t talk about.

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Retirement for singles is different to couples.

We’ve been telling people the real story about retirement for over 10 years and we’ve learnt that singles have to manage a range of issues that are quite different to those facing couples. On top of that, Singles don’t have many sources of information to assist them.

That’s why we have published a retirement planning book for Singles who are approaching retirement, or already in the early years. It will provide you with a valuable guide  through lots of issues  that  most financial advisers  don’t talk about.

This book contains chapters from over 20 leading experts and contains lots of practical and inspirational advice. Like most books on retirement, it includes some good financial advice, but that’s just the start. It’s really about the big picture and focuses on ideas to help you really enjoy this next stage of your life.

So what’s in the book

Here are the titles of some of the chapters in the book –

Being a single retiree          Holly Richardson, Editor The Retiree Magazine (2007 – 2013)

The world is your oyster     Holly Richardson, Editor The Retiree Magazine (2007 – 2013)

Where are you going to live   Paul McKeon   Founder 50 Plus Books

Keeping your money working hard   Robert Simon AMP Advice

Age Pension – Are you eligible?      Mel Richardson Department of Human Services

Looking after your health   Dr. Steve Hambleton     Aust. Medical Assoc. President (2012 – 14)

True Wellness           Prof. Marc Cohen   RMIT University

Handling anxiety and stress     Sandra Kimball Relationship Counsellor

Surviving separation and divorce     Anne Hollonds     Psychologist 

Are you ready to start dating?   Sherri Mulconry   Relationship Counsellor

Happiness – How you can experience more     Prof. Tom Sharp   The Happiness Institute

Working in Retirement   Jenni Proctor Career Strategist

This book has been purchased by 2 major superannuation funds to better prepare their members for life in retirement

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied


I have already purchased a copy of How to be Happy Retired and Single

I turned 60 this year and realize that I can now retire.....I've just got to make THAT  decision.

I find your services like that friend I don't have, to get some understanding on a topic that I'm  under-prepared for.


4 reviews for How to be Happy, Retired and Single

  1. Sandra Wallace

    It was great to see a book about retirement that was just for singles. There’s not many books written for us. I thought the information was good and very comprehensive. I’ve recommended it to some of my girlfriends

  2. Maria Partos

    I found it refreshing to read a book that addressed the challenges that single people in retirement have to deal with. The few books I’ve read about retirement are mainly about finance and this one was far more useful as it also addressed a wide range of lifestyle issues which are very important.

  3. Dominic de Bono

    A friend gave me this book about 6 months after I retired because I was feeling both anxious and bored with not much going on in my life. This book got me thinking about a lot of things I had never considered before and helped me realise I had a lot more options and opportunities. I’m now a lot happier with my life and having more fun.

  4. Dennis Johnson

    Why do so many books about retirement planning just talk about money?
    Sure it’s nice to have enough but there’s a lot more to do with your life than look at you’re bank account.
    This book is good because it takes a big picture view of retirement and provides a lot of lifestyle information and advice.I found it very useful and have recommended it to some of my single friends.

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