What Grandparents Can Do For Grandchildren

  • Spend time with grandchildren in a busy world – time to have fun, time to explore the world and time to just be together.
  • Give grandchildren love (without the responsibility of being a parent). Grandfathers, in particular, may not have had the time to spend with their own children in the way that they can now give to their grandchildren.
  • Keep the family history alive. Help grandchildren to know where they fit in the world by telling stories about the family history. Tell them stories about their parents when they were young.
  • Keep the family networks alive. Keep in touch with family members.
  • Let the family know about old family traditions as the family grows and changes and new traditions are built. You can help to keep the best of the old, as you and your family work out new ways to manage celebrations, holidays and birthdays.
  • Give security and protection – especially at times when there are family problems. Grandparents can be there for the grandchildren to support and protect them, like a ‘safe haven’.
  • Build grandchildren’s self-esteem by taking a personal interest in them. Children are lucky when they have close ties with a grandparent as well as with their parents.
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