The power of purpose – what we can learn from the Winter Olympics

It was inspiring to watch the efforts of the athletes participating in the recent Winter Olympics and it will be equally inspiring to watch what dedicated young people can achieve when the Commonwealth Games are being staged in April.
Their spectacular achievements demonstrate the power of passion and commitment. It’s amazing what we humans can achieve when we put our minds to it.
While most of us over 50s are unlikely to be competing in international sporting events, we can utilise the same powers of passion and commitment in our lives to make us happier, more satisfied people.
For many of us, our job, if we liked it, gave us a purpose and goals to strive for. When we retire, our life changes and it’s common for lots of people to struggle finding a purpose, apart from just trying to enjoy themselves. This can be a danger period because without a purpose in life, we can just drift along in a self- centred existence that isn’t very satisfying and often leads to boredom.
The key to a successful and satisfying retirement is to have a purpose in our lives and to be involved with our community. Giving something back by helping other people offers the twin benefits of making both the receiver and yourself feel happier.
If you currently don’t have any real purpose in your life, it might be a good idea to spend some time thinking about what interests you, what causes you’d like to support, what were some of your earlier goals that job or family commitments caused you to abandon. Is it possible to attempt them now?
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