Should you put off retirement and just have a holiday?

I recently ran into a man I’ve known for ages who retired about 2 years ago and is now back working part time in the company he left.

“I was bored stiff” he said. After the big trip around Australia and a few months to relax and unwind, he found he had nothing much to do with his life.

Fortunately for him, his old company still had a need for his talents and experience so he managed to get a part time job without all the management pressure of his earlier, full time job. He’s now much happier and finds that a part time job fills in much of his spare time, keeps his brain active and gives him some extra cash.

His story is a common one, and particularly at the end of a year, when we feel tired and overwhelmed and think retirement will fix all that. We forget all the good bits about working (not just the regular money). There’s brain activity, social interaction and even routine. Before retiring full time, it’s worth considering how these needs are met.

I’ve been writing regular columns for regional newspapers and spruiking our helpful books for over 5 years and yet nearly every week I run into, or get a call from somebody who’s struggling to adapt to life in retirement,

The unfortunate reality is while some people make the transition easily, there are many others who have some form of difficulty. Some of them can be major life disasters, such as divorce, if you haven’t thought about your relationship and the strains placed on it when you are together 24 hours per day every day.

So if you are either approaching retirement, or in the early stages, you might care to make the transition easier by taking note of the expert advice available in each of our five books. They  can be purchased on this web site.



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