Sex And Intimacy

A personal viewpoint from a nursing sister / counsellor.

Sex, sexual intercourse, or as some people prefer to call it, intimacy in our relationships – is it important as we age?

Yes… most definitely. The benefits are astounding for both our physical and emotional health.

For menopausal women, sex is great for relieving stress and actually boosting our depleting hormone levels. It makes one feel and look younger, pumping oxygen and aiding the flow of nutrients to the skin. It is also good exercise, improving muscle tone, especially in womens’ pelvic floor muscles. This helps bladder tone and incontinence problems. Finally it produces oxytocin (one of the feel – good hormones) which helps produce stronger feelings of love and affection towards our partners.

For men, it has the benefits of lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It also reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer. Research has shown that frequent ejaculations can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer by up to 33%. Alcohol can impair sexual performance, so good sex can be another incentive to drink less, which has obvious health benefits.

It sounds like the perfect product. It’s legal, non fattening, fun, good for you and it’s free.

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