Retirement volunteering: Grey Nomads stepping up

We recently holidayed in western and northern Queensland. Our founder, Paul realised his dream of seeing the Diamantina River where it comes through to send water flowing down the tributaries of the Channel Country. And we visited other wonderful gorges and places in National Parks. We camped in National Parks and “glamped” (usually in Tourist Park cabins or in motels). Along the route of course, everywhere were “grey nomads” on the move, most in their caravans of all shapes and sizes.. Most of us were enjoying the scenery, the experience and the camaraderie. In a number of the Tourist Parks, grey nomads were working as they travelled. At Adel’s Grove, just outside the Lawn Hill (Boodjamulla) National Park only older workers were employed, mostly because of their experience and level-headedness compared to the other prevalent travellers, overseas backpackers.

We were interested on return from our holiday to hear of how so many grey nomads are helping out farmers in the terrible droughts and bushfires we are currently experiencing in Australia. Older workers with practical experience and wisdom are volunteering in all sorts of places, fixing up homes, sheds, organising delivery of bales of hay, as well as fixing up fences, most recently after these were burnt in the bushfires of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

If you would like to volunteer, here are some of the websites to check out and register your interest:

  • Aussie Helpers
  • Frontier Services
  • Blazeaid
  • Farm Rescue.

And there may be many more. You might also be interested to listen to a recent interview with their nomadic reporter, Dave Arter.


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