As we move through our 50s and 60s, it’s time to rethink what retirement is all about. This web site is here to help you make that happen.

We all know that organising our finances is important – but it’s only part of the story. What about our lifestyle? No one tells us much about that.

Well we do and we think that it’s just as important as financial planning.

Our team has been focussed on retirement lifestyle issues since 2007.

This web site and our books contain a lot of useful information that can help you to enjoy a happy and satisfying retirement.

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By Margaret Lomas February 2008 Sometimes, investors become very worked up about whether to buy for cash flow (that is, property with the lowest personal input required) or for growth (property which may cost more from your own pocket to hold, but which will grow […]

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Help With Life Threatening Diseases

Help With Life Threatening Diseases Its not uncommon at this time of our lives to have an experience with a life threatening disease. It can be a partner, a relative, a close friend or yoruself. It is often a frightening experience, because most of us […]

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