On The Red Carpet!

The Red Carpet symbolizes excellence…normally a select few in our society walk on the red carpet.

Usually, the Red Carpet Treatment is reserved for politicians, movie stars, pop stars and models.

Plan-it Life believes that all people who strive for excellence in what they do deserve to stand on the red carpet.

Strengths-based Practice? What is it? How it can effect you?

Strengths-based practice is the way in which services are designed to harness people’s interests, dreams, passion, experience and skills.

Plan-it Life works with individuals, couples and businesses to develop and implement plans to make their dreams come true.

Whether it is people who are retiring from full-time paid employment …or those adjusting to complex medical issues…or grieving after the loss of a spouse, partner or friends….regardless of your circumstances, we work with people to bring happiness and meaning to their lives by using a strengths-based approach.

International Conference on Strengths-based Practice – Hyderabad, India – November 2006

Plan-it Life was delighted to be involved in the creation of this recent conference.

As a company that provides Retirement, Career, Business and Life Planning it was well positioned to be involved in the development of this global event that showcased best-practice within the industry.

This conference was the first of its kind in a series of conferences that will be a partnership between the relatively newly formed Brisbane Institute of Strengths-based Practice Inc. in Australia and Sanghamitra, a non-government community services agency in India. It lived up to Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard’s vision for it:

“This conference provides an excellent opportunity to explore issues of interest to the Asia-Pacific Region and India, to share experiences of community engagement and best practice, and to develop more effective ways for us all to work productively together.”

Approximately 300 people attended from a variety of countries throughout the world including Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, Philippines, India and Australia.

Plan-it Life was involved in the conference’s creation and it conducted a pre-conference workshop as a fundraiser for Sanghamitra and conducted a workshop during the conference. Both workshops were titled: On The Red Carpet and applied strengths-based practice to facilitate career planning with conference participants.

These workshops were well attended by people from countries including India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Australia. Workshop participants came from a diverse range of backgrounds including HR students, HR consultants to commercial industries, Social Workers, rural development workers, slum workers teaching people literacy skills and academics. Participants spoke favourably about their involvement in the workshops and there has already been post-workshop follow-up with a number of international participants.

If you would like more information about how Plan-it Life can tailor a service to meet your needs, Strengths-based practice or the next conference which will be held in 2008 please give Paige Garland a call on 0424 108 889 or email paige.garland@plan-itlife.com


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