Father’s Day when you’re 50 Plus

So, how’s your Father’s Day going to look this year? The commercial imperative indicates happy times in the bosom of our family, but how does that work in the 21st Century?

First of all there may be some of you who are still raising young kids and teenagers. Father’s Day may be fraught with the tensions of competing activities with your children as well as perhaps spending time with your own father. Other tensions may arise from “blended” families with your step children wanting to have time with their fathers.

Or maybe you’ve come to the quieter ebb of the tide where you are permitted time to sit back, have your children do the work and allow you time to enjoy your grandchildren. Your retirement from work may give you more time to consider the special relationship you have with your children and grandchildren. If there are hurts to be healed and misunderstanding to be corrected, now in this latter part of our lives is the time to do this.

The commercial world assumes that the Day looks the same for everyone. Whether you follow the advertisers’ view or have one of your own, Father’s Day gives you pause to consider what being a father means. The world sometimes seems short on men who command love and respect so reflect on becoming one of those and someone whom your children and grandchildren will remember each Father’s Day.

Enjoy your special Day!

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