Emerging Housing Options for Over 60s

One of the prominent concerns of any retiree is finding an appropriate, affordable housing. At this point of life where you spend most of your hours at home, you put more value to your surroundings and take note of accessibility, especially with regards to transport and health services. While retirement villages are still a popular choice for many seniors, there are emerging housing options which will give you the same kind of independence without being stripped away from the people and environment you are familiar with.

A Privacy of Your Own, Inside Your Family’s Lawn

We see granny flats as a booming trend in the real estate. The building industry dubbed it as an “accessory dwelling unit (ADU)” but others call it a casita, bonus unit or, comically, an in-law apartment. Created for two persons at most, this smart-yet-small living space is usually erected inside the lot of a single-family home, detached from the main property. That means that it’s isolated enough to give its homeowners some privacy, but not too far for the rest their family to enjoy their company whenever they wish.

Why the shift? Simple: it’s much less expensive. A two-bedroom Fox Granny Flat https://www.foxgrannyflats.com.au/ costs as little as $35,000. These garden houses, sized roughly 60sqm, can be built from ready-made kits and are as efficient as full-sized homes. Of course, you can customize it according to your gusto; customization can cost you about $100,000 to $120,000. Outside, it doesn’t have to look plain too; your kit suppliers can provide various types of cladding which includes a stone or brick veneer, timber weatherboards, or fibre cement sheets.

The Joy of Shared Spaces

Co-housing provides emphasis on what today’s retirees need most: social interaction, accessibility, and affordability. This housing option, derived from European models, allow residents to share communal spaces while revelling in the privacy of their individual rooms. Every resident has a say in the design to ensure that their needs are met. And, like a small community, they partake in the governance and maintenance of the property.

Why the shift? The rise of sharing economy allows you to live flexibly and efficiently with the people you love best. By collaborating with them when it comes to expenses – utility bills, services and household goods – you can lessen the weight on your shoulder, and thus save more of your retirement fund for better use in the future. This option is also greener; due to its smart design, there’s less carbon footprint, less energy required. And, compared to granny flats, you can have your preferred unit architecturally incorporated into the family complex. Get that private study, entertainment room or wardrobe built-into your space!

Moving To a Smaller Home

While most seniors want to age in their own place, most  . Seniors require smaller housing, preferably close to facilities providing services and support. While transitions can be difficult, especially when shifting from the environment and comfort they grew accustomed with, it is also important for one to anticipate their future needs: medical, emotional and financial-wise.

Why the shift? Big homes can cause bigger stress when it comes to upkeep; there are rooms to clean, bills to pay, appliances to repair. You save yourself from these complexities by transferring into a home that fits your current needs. More than that, the government is offering new incentives that will help you make that moving decision, including a budget package that supports senior villages in the suburbs that provides access to your medical needs.

How to make that decision? Here are some tips

If you want to enjoy your family’s company while living with minimal needs, a granny flat is perfect for you. The cheapest housing choice is also smallest, but don’t turn the idea away. You can enjoy your basic needs in one practical space, without the need of moving out.

If you value aesthetic, comfort and community, co-housing is your best bet. Just be prepared to shell out more money compared to a granny flat. The good thing is, you’ll reap social and financial benefits from this modern living option.

If you value having your own property but not the headaches that come with it, choose to downsize. You’ll save yourself from the stress and expenses that come with a big family home.

Ready to make that switch? Start a new chapter with your retirement by choosing the right living option for you.

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