Baby Boomers Demand A Different Future

A new survey of Australian ‘first wave’ Baby Boomers aged between 58 and 61, predicts the way they are approaching their impending retirement will change aged care service delivery and spur technological innovation. Baby Boomers are better educated, healthier, more active and wealthier than previous generations of older people. The lifestyles they intend to lead as they grow older and their associated support needs are very different to previous generations.

Some key findings from the research include:

  • Many Baby Boomers expect to continue working, at least part-time, well into their seventies, with 12% planning to keep working “until they drop”
  • Privacy was the most important future lifestyle factor, regardless of gender or location
  • Women Baby Boomers are more proactive than men in considering future accommodation options and place a higher importance on health problems
  • Baby Boomers clearly prefer to remain living independently in their own homes. They will not accept institutional care as readily, or at such a young age, as their parents did
  • Baby Boomers are enthusiastic adopters and users of technology. They will expect care providers to fully exploit the power and potential of technology to address their changing lifestyle preferences and needs
  • Research conducted by UltraFeedback and Provided by ‘The Voice of Baby Boomers’
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