Retirement is about more than money

If we haven’t learned by our 60s that life is about living and not about how much money we have, then retirement may not be much fun. When you think about it, it’s only logical retirement planning should focus on how we are going to […]

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee We are so confident that our books will help you to enjoy a happier, healthier future that we are prepared to offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose and everything to […]

How You And Your Money Can Survive

Over the last year we have had a regular stream of economists, business leaders, academics and senior bureaucrats all telling us how it’s imperative that the government gets the budget under control and we live within our means. Unless an irresponsible Senate continues to block […]

Post Retirement – How Much Money Will I Need?

Australians are now living longer, which means many are enjoying a longer period of retirement.  This is exciting, but can also be financially worrying – without any certainty around how long you will live for, and therefore how much money you will spend, how do […]

The secret to a healthier, longer life

Good genes, good luck, good lifestyle – get all three right and you can look forward to a healthy life in your 60s & 70s and later. Let’s look at all three – Good genes: Not much you can do about that now. It’s probably […]